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I am a grateful member of Emotions Anonymous. I DO NOT speak for Emotions Anonymous as a whole. I am here sharing what strikes ME as important in EA literature about each step. I am not an authority.

I hope my shares encourage those seeking answers to go to the source (for themselves) of ANY group here and find the healing and strength of that Program through literature, attendance at meetings, and fellowship. May you find your own peace and serenity in the process.

I am grateful to this forum, which allows me to see the 'work/ideas/inspiration' of other 12 Step Programs and gives me a great deal of encouragement, hope and strength. Thank you.

Step 6 : 'Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character'

In Step 5 I may have begun to become acquainted with defects that I've had for a long while that no longer work for me. They might have been very useful in getting me through childhood as defenses, they may have functioned as my escape 'routes'.....but now they are in my way of growth. They 'work' against me or I work them against myself or others.

It would be nice to shed them like a snake does skin. Or in some cases it would be great to just hang on to them, as it can represent alot of work letting them go, I'm so used to them. Truth is, for someone like me, it's not easy letting these old 'habits' go. Here I work on my readiness and awareness....seeing my defects, consciously bringing them out in the open, being willing to 'do things differently' and then preparing to 'surrender' them and me to HP for healing....that's my point of view on this step....only mine......

In some cases it can feel discouraging if I see myself as being full of defects. Where do I start? How do I become ready to have God remove ALL these defects?!?!?!?

I can do a 'first things first'.....I can choose to focus on the one defect which is causing me the most pain. I can actively work to "reduce my dependence on it, using the opposite character asset"....for example if I procrastinate, I can try to do things in a timely fashion.

For me I must also ask my Higher Power for the strength and support to do this. And in doing so I also 'embrace' and begin to work Step Seven.....

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