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Tradition Six  (6)

Our Al Anon Family Groups ought never endorse finance, or lend our name to any outside enterprise, lest problems  of money, property and prestige divert us from our Primary  Spiritual Aim. Although a separate entity we should always cooperate with Alcoholics Anonymous.


Courage to Change  Page 231

As individuals  we are free to participate in any cause . As an Al Anon member I am free to send alanon material to outside organizations.  But I cannot consider affiliating  my group with outside enterprises, no matter how worthy they may be.  Doing so could divert us from our primary Spiritual aim


Todays Reminder

I came to alanon to receive  the spiritual  benefit of the meetings, principles, and fellowship   I wish to do my part to see that we are not diverted from our primary aim. 

My Share

I love this tradition  Like all the other traditions this one defines the method of recovery that is found in the rooms of Al Anon  This program was set up as a spiritual program and the tools continually point to spiritual solutions to our problems.  Outside enterprises will dilute the message and then our human tendencies will naturally kick in.   We will begin to vie for attention, financial gain, or to enrich our egos and this beautiful spiritual program will be now mired down in non spiritual issues.


Tradition 6 Questions

Do I support my group emotionally? 
Do I contribute to discussions on group issues?

Do I put my ego aside and vote for what will benefit the group as a whole

Do I respect the AA program since these principles were developed as part of their recovery program...?



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Aloha Hotrod...Tradition 6 is a very important one for me.  This is where I recognize the spiritual and solemn power of the Al-Anon program and what it has done to save my life and give me back peace of mind and serenity.  I don't do anything to dilute it or attach it to people, places and things which do not contain its philosophies, principles and people.

In the past I have seen this tradition infringed upon by others who allowed us to use their facilities, collect rents, co-mingle with their population and such and who needed to be the first name on the title.  It never worked gladly and Al-Anon remains solely the Al-Anon Family Groups as Lois and Ann constructed it and then improved on it with the fellowship.

In support ((((hugs)))) smile



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Thanks for sharing your ESH Jerry  I agree completely. 

Thank God for Lois and Ann


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hotrod wrote:

Tradition Six  (6)

Our Al Anon Family Groups ought never endorse finance, or lend our name to any outside enterprise, lest problems  of money, property and prestige divert us from our Primary  Spiritual Aim. Although a separate entity we should always cooperate with Alcoholics Anonymous.

The big issues for me here is my own involvement in ACA. Well, because my postings are up here on the MIP board people can see I belong to both. I am not an active member of the Alanon board here. But I am an active member here at home.

In  a way I am taking my learning of the traditions over to ACA.

I think that is healthy, but I do not endorse or promote ACA inside of Alanon. Sometimes on the ACA board I do state that I am an Alanon member. And along with others I support and endorse posters who do the adult child programme inside of Alanon. It is about having choices. It is a valid option.

Alanon co-operates with AA. But not with AB, AC or AD. I have seen CODA members come along to Alanon, which is fine. But people are here to do the Alanon programme.

Inside our Alanon's principals and values we do say: "we try to force soutions and become tired and irritable without knowing it."  -Well in the end I become exhausted!

Well in my experience I believe that this is the same thing as 'codependency'. In Alanon we do not call it that- but it is a fact and a factor in our recovery. In Alanon it is a part of a much bigger picture, and that is our strength, in my opinion.

When I came in under the MIP umbrella my higher power thrust a powerful tool onto my lap. it was the Alanon fourth concept- "Participation is the key to harmony".

Participation and the imparting of my own Experience Strength and Hope is all I have to do, and all I need to do.

In some ways I sometimes feel whenI am sharing online I am speaking to the whole wide world. Well yes the thoughts and ideas are available to other members of groups. I don't find it difficult to adhere to Alanon policy and principals.

But in the end the driving forces is ESH, and the groups themselves, whereever they are. Our step five is not to 'help others'. That is a fine aim... but it is "To help the families of alcoholics'.

Tradition 6 confirms this.

For me enacting the traditions at the local level is about talking about the movement, and about group issues. This is something we often miss inside our alcoholic families. I found this difficult at first. But over time I found myself becoming a healthy person inside of a healthy group.

This share is about my being able to think aloud- of being heard. Of being able to sort out my own place and my own principals.

And aligning these principals with the principals of Alanon.


Thanks for the share...




Ka whiti te ra, kia hanga te kai...

Make hay while the sun shines...


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Dear David

Thank you for your clarity and experience.

Before program , the Steps that taught me how to find myself and the Traditions that taught me how to relate to others, i isolated, declined to participate  and was a miserable loner. 

 I agree participation is key and sharing our ESH is all that matters

I appreciate your being  here.

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