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Our Groups as such Ought Never be Organized but They May Create Service Boards or Committees Directly Responsible to Those they Serve

Courage to Change (291)

As newcomers we were surprised to find the absence of rules in alanon .   Before we found recovery from the effects of alcoholism, a strict sense of order may have been our only way of feeling we had some control..

As a newcomer I was told that I was free to work the Steps at my own pace, I could ask questions of anyone as they came up. No one was in charge , yet everyone was in charge.  It seemed impossible, yet I could see it working more effectively than any organization.

I am learning to trust that the Group is guided by a Higher Power whse will is expressed in our Group Conscience.  I watch the Traditions in action, guiding us by suggestions rather than rules  and I learn to trust my fellow members  each of whom contributes to the well being of the fellowship

Todays Reminder

If I take on service responsibilities in my group it does not mean I now run the show,  Today I will remember that the ultimate authority is a Higher Power who works through all of us.



My Share


Another clear indication that al anon trusts the members and insists on the individual members being responsible for the survival of alanon.  The members may create service Boards or committees and then I note that these committees are not given free rein nor do they have any power  They are directly responsible to those they serve.  What an incredible concept and operation.  Watch alanon in action and it is run better than most organizations

Tradition 9 Questions


1.  Do I still try to boss things in Alanon?

2.  Do I resist formal aspects of Alanon because I fear them as authoritative?

3.  Am I mature enough to understand and use all elements of the program - even if no one makes me do so - with a sense of personal responsibility?

4.  Do I exercise patience and humility in any Alanon job I take?




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 Hi Betty and y'all,


I am preparing for a bigger share on the traditions generally.

I have had to go back to step one. Seeing the end of the steps

discussion looming I am having resistance to finishing the course.


Not unusual for me. I know I can finish- and do so just as I began,

with interest and enthusiasm. But it takes effort at letting go on

my part. Letting go and getting on with it.


I am a GR and entering into the service arena. it is important for me

to be relaxed and enjoy this part of my journey. It still means that

I have lessons for me to learn in the steps. an opportunity for more

growth and maturity.


I have taken on the job as treasurer for my area and our local group

is hosting the next area assembly. This is a great booster for members

of our group and neighbouring groups.


At the last assembly I was grilled at the meeting, mainly about my

role as a male in Alanon. I did not take this personally- I saw it as

a rite of passage into service- and yes i was able to answer the issues

and concerns honestly.


I am still on holiday in Australia- going home tomorrow. I went to

Alanon last night- and yes.. I really did need a meeting. There were

four newcomers at the meeting. I sopke afterwards with the GR

of the group and got a good feel for how things are in this part

of Australia.


Being in service is a test. But it is easy to pass- just being able to

draw on the ESH of other members in servcie is astonishing!

Not exactly the reason I do this stuff- but a great reward in itself.


Ka whiti te ra, kia hanga te kai...

Make hay while the sun shines...


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Hi David

Thanks for the informative share  Missed you  and am glad you are enjoying your Holiday

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