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Post Info TOPIC: Step 7 - Adult Children of Alcoholics (2017-05-29)

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Step 7 - Adult Children of Alcoholics (2017-05-29)

7. Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.

Let's parse this brief sentence.

Humbly -- We become so relentlessly self-reliant that we get very good at making things happen and we begin to believe we can handle anything. We develop hubris and contort our reasoning or logic to keep from admitting that we don't have things under control.

asked -- We cannot just expect help to come to us. We must seek it.

God -- Your Higher Power. If you have a problem with God per se, see the discussion of Step 2.

to remove -- Freedom. You want to be free of the maladaptive behaviors and the pain they can bring.

our -- Taking ownership. Accepting that this is us, that it is our problem and not the world's.

shortcomings. -- They're not flaws. They're fixable. Things can be made better.

This is the action step.  This is the time to ask for help.


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What resonates most for me is the, "our" Taking Ownership and Accepting that this is us. Secondly, "we must seek help" I cannnot do this for my adult A son, but I can seek help for myself!



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For me, My name is Anthony and I am a grateful recovering Alcoholic.  The 7th Step for me states that I continue to ask God for help when it comes to dealing with my shortcomings.  However, I have to be accountable for everything that I do in my personal life.  I want to inform all of you that I tend to blame others for my problems instead of looking at the big picture.  It is a shame, but God is definitely holding me accountable for all of my actions according to 2nd Corinthians 5:10.  I also know that I will be judged for my personal actions.  I know that I usually handle things with my AA Sponsor, but it appears to me that he does not want to be bothered with me anymore, since I have a mental illness.  I am dealing with a mental illness and a substance abuse problem at the same time.  I want to inform all of you that I will need help with working the 12 Steps all over again with a brand new AA Sponsor.

Anthony Joseph Hopkins


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Good Luck. I found that the steps are the key to recovery and that my denial was huge and the exact nature of many of my wrongs. This has been lifted and I can now truly see and accept life on life's terms. 

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