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Post Info TOPIC: Al-Anon. Step five(Oct 29-2017)


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Al-Anon. Step five(Oct 29-2017)

Step 5
Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs ,

C2C page 266. This step is a very intimate experience in which we share our private thoughts and experiences with another. Whether we practice this step by listening or speaking we open ourselves as channel for HP. Usually we hear something that sheds light on our situation . There is no better way to keep our spiritual benefits then by giving them away  free of expectations and with no strings attached

My share
Step Five was indeed frightening when I first looked at this early on in program. The reason for this is that I never let anybody that close tome to  know my thoughts and my feelings.  Quite honestly I did know them myself. Working step four, and examining my motives, I discovered many negative responses that I had developed that were extremely destructive to others as well as myself. Being able to be honest, open and willing, I must admit that I needed to attend many, many meetings in order to obtain the courage from my higher power to move forward.
I discovered that the exact nature of my wrongs were not that I was manipulative, dishonest self-seeking, I was fearful and had no self-esteem. I do believe that these were the exact nature of all my wrongs, however when I shared with  my sponsor on this step I revealed, al  I  had discovered in my fourth step, and we continued to find the exact nature of my wrong, which was low self-esteem and fear.
How grand it was to be able to sit with somebody and be honest about what I thought and felt. I had never experienced that acceptance in my lifetime. What a true gift this program is. I found that I could admit my shortcomings to myself because on some level I already knew them, I was able to do so with my higher power without much difficulty. However having the gift of being able to share them with another which  was really scary and special. I had never experienced the love and acceptance from anyone until I worked this step with my sponsor . What a gift this program is!!
I must add that it is in this Step I began to list my assets as they ewre to be the building blocks for my future   responses. 

Step five questions

if I completed my fourth step, how do I feel about sharing details of my past with another?

in what areas of my past and by willing to be completely honest?

Am I afraid to admit my faults to my higher power?

How do I try to excuse myself from what I may have done?

Do I understand the feeling of  relief that honestly admitting my faults can bring?

If I do not feel ready to do this step. Do I need to do more work on steps one through four?

When have I learned about fear? Honesty? Trust? Acceptance?

What is the one thing I don't want to tell another person? Can I start their first?

how can admitting my faults to the God of my understanding help?

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