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Post Info TOPIC: Alanon Step 3 (3-1-2018)


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Alanon Step 3 (3-1-2018)

Step 3: Made a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God, as we understood him.
C2C reading page   23  At the start of each day I can make the decision to turn my will over to the care of God.  This way I start each day with the assertion that I am willing to accept the reality of my life and know i am moving in the right direction
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I found it was very important to read each step closely and  attempt to understand each word and the concepts behind the step.  In  so doing I concluded that in Step three. I am simply asked to make a decision to turn my willll and my life over to the carre of a Higher Powerr.  It was clear, to me that if I made this decision, it did not guarantee that I would know how to actually turn my will over.  All I am asked to do in order to complete this step iss to "Make a decision to trust my life to this Powerr.--  
After "Coming to believe" in Step 2 it made perfect sense for me to decide to let go of my "negative fearful will" and trust a power greater than myself  with my life.   I decided to start each day by reciting the serenity prayer ,reading alanon literature and attend  at 3  meetings each week.  . I also found that  remaining present in each moment by using the slogans helped me to  not  react in situations that once  caused me to do so .  
I accepted the fact that by continuing to work the  Steps I would be lead  to the knowledge of how to turn my will over and receive the courage and wisdom to do so.   This is exactly what happened .   On to Step 4  



1. To remember this Step, you may find it helpful to write it down in the form of an affirmation. For example; "I have turned my life and my will over to the care of God today. All is well."

2. If you knew that all was well and on schedule in your life today, how would you feel? If you knew that things were being managed by a power great than your self in a way that would work out to your best interests, how would you act differently?

3. If you knew you had no power to control events, outcomes, or a particular person, how would you behave differently? What would you say or do? What would you stop saying or doing? What would you do differently for yourself in order to enjoy your own life now, to live in the present moment?

4. If you weren't allowing someone else to control you, what would you be doing differently? What would you do today with your life? How would you feel?

5. If you weren't allowing a particular circumstance to control you, or if you weren't trying to control that circumstance - if you just let it be and accepted it as okay for the present moment - how would you feel? If you weren't fighting with or resisting this circumstance, what would you be doing? How would you be feeling?

6. Taking this step often puts you in touch with yourself. Listen to yourself. Write about what you feel, want, need, and think. Then pick up the phone and share who you are with someone safe, someone you trust. Talk in a way that reflects self-responsibility, not victimization. Don't ask them to rescue you. Ask them to listen and accept you as you are.

7. What is the most loving, most nurturing thing available to you right now that you can use to take care of yourself and enjoy life? What will you do with it?

8. If  am unable to make a decision   hat hold me back?

9.What can I do if a loved n e makes a decision I do not like?

10. What can I do to try to see others as Hod see them?

11. List ways in which step 1 prepared you for step 3.


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