Learn how the 12 Steps work. Participate in your own recovery as well as the recovery of others, by being active on this board as we go through the 12 Steps of recovery together! We discuss each of the Twelve Steps In the order they are written, one step at a time, every two weeks.

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Post Info TOPIC: Questions about the 12 Steps....


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Questions about the 12 Steps....
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Go ahead and ask, under the 12 step groups post you are aligned with.  Try to keep your questions in relation to the current step your group is addressing, or steps previously addressed by your group on the board.  All other inquiries should be placed on your groups main message board.

On this board, you can venture around and see how others work and apply the 12 steps to their lives, but we ask that everyone stick to posting under the group you are personally aligned with. Please avoid posting under a 12 step group you are not aligned with.  This  will keep things from getting confusing to the newcomer who is trying to work the steps as outlined, without meshing it all together in a way that is only more confusing.

Also, another avenue this can be done is to read the post under your group, and pick someone that appears to have experience with the step you are wanting to ask a question to, and send them a private  message.  This way you start the process of involving someone else in your step work process, if you haven't done so already.  Remember this is a We program, not a self help program.  We can do together, what none of us could have done alone....

Learn, Heal, Grow and Recover,



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What belongs where, ... or What does and doesn't belong on this specific board.

This is strickly a step work board, for the sole purpose of each group coming together to address one step at a time in the order they are written.

Each 12 Step group on this site has a group message board for general questions, comments, inquery's about steps that come AFTER the current step we are discussing.  (Their web addresses are below), Prior step questions can be asked here... (example if we are on Step 3, anything related to 4-12 need to be taken to the group message board.. anything from 1-3 can be addressed here. We do this to keep the confusion down, and the newcomer can focus solely on the step we are addressing.

If you post asking for where you can find a meeting in your area, are likely to get a response in a Private message, but your post on this board will be removed, so we suggest you take that sort of question to the group main board that you are aligned with instead of post it here.

Questions, comments, concerns.. ect that are not related to the current step or a prior step to the current one, should be sent as a Private Message to the group chairperson (the one who started the current step work thread) and not posted on the step work board.  The Chairperson will respond to you.  

Here are the web addresses of our groups main message boards.


AA group main board -

(for alcoholics who are sober, or want to get sober and need support)


Al-Anon group main board -

(For Family and Friends of Alcoholics that need support)


ACoA group main board -

(For Adult Children raised in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional families)


CoDa group main board -

(For Codependents who have a pattern of getting into Toxic relationships and meshed into unhealthy relationship patterns)


NA group main board -

(For Addicts that are clean, or want to get clean and need support)


The Step Work Board's URL address is (Where we are now :)

(Where we walk through the steps, one at a time in the order they are written, and share our experience, strength and hope in relation to the current step being addressed)

Let's keep this board step work focused, and take everything else to our group main board.


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