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Post Info TOPIC: Alanon Step 7 (7-1-2019)


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Alanon Step 7 (7-1-2019)

Step 7

Humbly ask Him to remove our shortcomings---

 From Alanon  C2C   pg 249    When I take the 7th Step  I pray that anything that interferes with my HP's will for me be removed"  I need only be WILLING   

My Share

This sounds like a very simple declarative sentence. Short and sweet. Looking at the words I see the first word humbly. Before Al-Anon I could never have humbly asked for anything. My arrogance, pride, ego would never permit me to admit I needed help.

Working the steps enabled me to become humble enough to ask for help, accept that I was human and that no man is an island unto himself. Humble merely meant I could not do something that only God could do. How arrogant of me to not accept this. I readily asked my God to help me be rid of the destructive tools in my life, and He did   What a great feeling that was. On to step eight

Step seven questions

When I feel the need to control some line or something what does it tell me about myself?

How does my shortcomings affect my relationship with others and my higher power?

What experiences helped me be more open to the role of my higher power in my life?

How did I find inability to ask God to remove my shortcomings?

How has the pain caused by my shortcomings brought me the ability I need to ask for help?

What obstacles have I faced in working step seven?

What helps me to hold habit in check and recognize an opportunity for personal growth?




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Thank you Hotrod, and thank you for your share.

My home group discussed Step 7 last night, and we took an interesting approach in focusing just on the word "humbly" and discussed what humility looked like for us.

For me, being humble was contradictory to all my past actions before Al-Anon. I had to be in charge at all times, five steps ahead of everyone, manipulating outcomes, being the "best" or "better than". There is no humility in that.

We talked about there being strength in humility. For me, that meant that I was going to be okay no matter what. In the past I used to be fearful that some part of me would be destroyed by not being "right". Being able to be humble meant I was teachable and open. It means that I'm centered and okay with whatever the outcome may be.

This step is just another repeat of Step 3. Once again I am turning my will and my life over to the care of God. I like that this step comes when it does. It reminds me to bring everything back to God yet again.



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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important Step ,Aloha. I really appreciate attending Step and tradition meetings as I gain a great deal of inight into the Step and Tradition. Love your share

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