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Post Info TOPIC: Step 7 Al Anon

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Step 7 Al Anon

Step 7 - Humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings.

I like to look words up. Here's what I found today:

 in a way that shows or suggests a modest or low estimate of one's importance; meekly.

  1. "the servant bowed humbly before his master"
  2. in a lowly position or condition; unpretentiously.
    "she is living humbly in a shared house"
    not proud or haughty not arrogant or assertive
     reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submissionhumble apology

    ranking low in a hierarchy or scale 

The first time I worked step 7, I asked my sponsor "what do I do" She told me I would know what to do when the time was right. I believe I knew what to do and so I created a long list of what I wanted my higher power to remove. I thought I was ready. Well I woke up the next day and still had all of those shortcomings. Ok, well that didn't work.
And then as I continued to pray and ask for my shortcomings to be removed, slowly some of them began to lessen. I became so willing to allow this to happen in my HP's time versus my time. 
Today, when I consider step 7, I have a very different approach. Today I begin by journaling about what I want removed, imagining what my life will look like without the defect and consider what I want to replace what's being removed. Just like an inventory in a store, I need to replace the empty shelf space.
How do you work step 7?


In service,



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 Thanks Audrey aww 

My sponsor was chosen for me, by the group. At a meeting, to which I was not invited.

For years I was angry and resentful at that. I live in upland mountains and valleys. At

that time an AA member was acting as an Alateen sponsor. !!!??? There was a complaint

to our GSO- and a sudden end came to Alateen. 

In my case- my sponsors hubby started an open sharing meeting.

For the first 18 months- we were basically the only members. We opened our Alanon and AA 12 x 12 books- and went

through them together several times. [The meeting is still thriving- but too long really an  

open meeting.]

I have done step 7 three times with a trusted servant.

I am still learning more stuff- with Step 11 in one hand and my 12x12 in t'other. Reflecting

on the words and meanings. Reviewing over half a lifetime of progress. Listening to the endless

examples through sharing ESH.


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Participation is the key to harmony.

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