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Post Info TOPIC: Step Two - Al-Anon

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Step Two - Al-Anon


Step Twp - Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

From: Paths to Recovery pg. 18 (copyright 1997, by Al-Anon

Family Group Headquarters, Inc. Limited use by express written permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.)

As we consider Step Two, it is often helpful to remember that "Came to Believe" is written in the past tense. Like all the Steps, Step Two tells the experience of those who have gone before us and shows that over time we can find the answers to our delimmsa. Few of us walked into our first meeting firmly convinced that there was a Power greater tham ourselves that could bring good int our lives. If there was, why were we so unhappy and confused? Belief grows as we open our minds enough to consider that a spiritual resource could help us with our problems. We listen to the experience of oters and want what they have: peace, serenity, happiness, faith and joy. Many members, though filled with plenty of doubts, are willing to seek other possibilities. Willingness to listen and consider an alternative - even a Higher Power

- that others have tried opens the door to Step two.

Love you all and thanks to John for posting for me - Dot

I can relate to this paragraph from our book. I came into Al-Anon with no spiritual program and no idea of having one. My "higher power" had been drinking for 30 years and our lives were very insane. I didn't want to hear talk of God and was not too keen on the Lord's Prayer even though I knew it. But I felt better after a meeting and no one told me I had to believe to come back. When I got a sponsor she told me all I had to do was be willing - that I could use whatever I was comfortable with as my Higher Power. I could live with that. The tables became that Power for me and for a long time that's all I could handle.

Slowly as I worked through the Steps I began to realize that there was a Power greater than ourselves working in my life and to believe in that Power. The Higher Power in my life is not neccessarily the same as yours but that's ok. We don't have to believe the same - we only need to know that we each have a Higher Power that we can turn to for guidance each day.

Love and hugs - Dot


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hi Dot thanks , yes it's true that in the early days the other members can be a great inspiration. I don't really relate to being an alcoholic or to some of the religious texts but they do cross over sometimes it's true. I have read last weeks Alanon shares and noted the themes came up of powerlessness over fixing people , healing and sin. It was the powerlessness I learned first - that the more experienced members were a dab hand at turning their attention to themselves and their own lives , a very difficult lesson to learn . And then the other gifts of the programme seemed to be built on that ; thanks to everyone who shared . I chose this beautiful quote to illustrate step 2 :

From: Paths to Recovery pg. 22 (copyright 1997, by Al-Anon

Family Group Headquarters, Inc. Limited use by express written permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.)

" Some time ago I read about extensive cleaning and restoration work being done on a very famous chapel . It's frescoes were caked with centuries of dirt , soot and other foreign matter. Artisans painstakingly removed layer upon layer of grime in search of the original masterpiece. Before half the project was completed a minor controversy ensued. The artist's original hues were far more colourful than anyone had expected .  They radiated with dazzling brilliance but the world had grown accustomed to the dark , murky forms that had been in the chapel for so long. The cleaned portions appeard quite garish by comparison . These half-bright , half-dark images became a strange paradox. The process turned into a troubling dilemma. should they complete the restoration , or should they cancel the work and return it to the way everyone was used to seeing it ? "

hugs llol Vickyr x




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Yes, I too "came to believe" after to going to many meetings, reading my literature and turning my life over to the care of God as I understood God. It didn't happen over night, it was defininetly a process. But hearing the experience, strength and hope of others really helped me to see that my way wasn't working anymore. I had to try it a different way if I wanted some sanity in my life.
By working the steps, going to meetings and calling my sponsor, I finally came out of the dark fog that I was in. Step 2 gave me hope and continues to give me hope. As long as I remember that I'm powerless over people, places and things and that it's not me in charge- I can have some peace in my life.

Step 2 is a healing step for me. It is the "God can" step - As long as I remember that - my life is much better!



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For me, Step 2 was the thing that "set the hook" for me in the program. The lights, bells & whistles went off in my second or third meeting - when the people in my group shared about being restored to sanity. I knew then this is where I belonged.

I knew this was the missing piece to me - This is where I was going to be INTRODUCED to sanity - because in my 38 yrs of life - I had never had any sanity in my life.

Step 2 gives me the reassurance that a Power Greater than me can give me something I have never had. SANITY.

Step 2 - my favorite step.

Wishing you peace,

No matter what you and your HP are going to be OK - even better than OK!


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  I have to do step Two, one word at a time.   "Came"    (show up!  a meeting with step 2.
Then "Came to".  (to come to, to become,   [to become ready?] )  
Then "Came to Believe"      To have a belief that something (HP, creator) bigger than I ---did not want me to be so unhappy and in so much pain, and wanted something better for me---That's what I truly felt in my heart at the time, and still do today.

Over time, "Came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."

"Ahhhhh...........all I had to do was Believe!   This was a step of Hope for me.   All I had to do was take care of those first 3 words, and many good things (sanity)  would follow  (with having belief, time and patience.)

And the word "sanity"  I had to study, too.   What the dictionary definition was, what Alanon's definition of sanity was, and what I perceived sanity to be, what did my HP want my sanity to be?

Peace, mental health, physical health, no more soul sickness, quietness, stillness, being human, not a human doing all the time!   A life of more consistency, less confusion, chaos, turmoil, tumultuous times.  relax.gif

This was a process, and did not take place overnight as was mentioned above.  : )

If God has a hand in it, then that's love.


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Thank you all. I knew at my first meeting that I was in the right place. I realized I was not crazy and that others felt like I did. That was 20 years ago. I am just starting to work on my steps for real.
I learned back then that I needed my higher power to survive but frequently I forgot and tried to handle things myself. With the help of my sponser and going to meetings, I am able to keep out of His way more often. I realize that the more I work my program the better off I am. ( Of course being human I tend to forgot and try to handle things myself).
Thank you again.



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Hi, I'm new to this board. As I understand the format, a new step will be posted every two weeks.

Thank you everyone for sharing what Step 2 means to you.

As I realized I was powerless over the disease of alcoholism I also knew that some of the chaos in my life was because I neglected things by spending too much time worrying about my situation. My life was and is unmangeable, a continual crisis.

Step 2 tells me that a HP can restore me to sanity as long as I keep an open mind. Since I have not been involved in religeous activity for many years, a HP to me is the positive energy of Al-Anon groups. I am starting to pray and build a relationship of faith. That is already a comfort to me. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.



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Joyce here and living life on life terms. My six children are doing their things and I am doing mine. It is wonderful to realize that I am not responsible for all of us to have a Brady like relationship. I am here when they need to talk, take a walk, confront me for some of my past actions, have an enjoyable walk, breakfast, lunch or dinner.etc. Until that time I am free to do anything I would like to do for my comfort one day at a time.

My home is not really ready for company today as I keep myself pretty busy but I am here at any time for anyone who would like to come to see me. Those that would lke to see my house, Make an appointment

Hugs and Blessings, Joyce
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