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Lois's steps...


I think- in the first few years, most people speak to the topic. {if at all sometimes.}

And sometimes need to speak and share a lot. A good time to start scouting around for a sponsor! aww ...

But sometimes, me, at meetings- if there is something I need to say, or even prompted my my higher power-

I might just speak about what's on top. A mark and a measure of confidence.

It's Friday night here. Freezing cold here- since it is winter in NZ.

Beside me I have a copy of "How Alanon Works". 

I have this book here as a treat- for the end of the day- it is the section where Lois shares pp135-142.

About three years ago I began to think. I used the shortest slogan in the book- "Think". 

I knew that there and then that I was on the right track.

I knew too that It was going to take time to get all my affairs in order. That I had to be very patient.

I lived in a funk or a fog a lot of the time. Looking back I realise that I was subject to panic attacks.

Much of my life seemed to be one panic attack- back to back.

So reading Lois's story was a treat and a reward tonight. After having a hot shower- and preparing for the evening.

There is a set of steps there- with Lois's response to each one.

I know the steps can sometimes seem dense and dull. It does depend on the mood, if not the readiness.

Being in this special group here, had helped me enormously.

The range of experience and the rang of ability is awesome.

This group is a great credit to Alanon and to each member.

There is a fair bit of dept to the steps, and I plan to go over them, one by one- and savour the words of a true servant of God.

aww Thanks.


Participation is the key to harmony.

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What a beautiful share. In the other edition of the book, this is offered on pages 141-149.

I love this book. Only recently did I learn that this book too has an index, just like our readers. And so I find myself flipping all over the place in this book as I continue to take it all in,

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  smile Hard to say I admired Lois, Audrey. I idolised her! biggrin...

The steps themselves I pictured the long haul up to the top- Step 12- and then crash and burn after a fall to the bottom! hmm ...

So after thinking about that for a while I looked at the clock on the wall. So I thought I could do the steps like the numbers on the clock. If I was missing out- or felt out of sorts I could pick a step to work on.

Over time is came back, more than often to steps 10, 11, 12.

But this year I wanted to work on Step 12 and Tradition 5. Learn a lot more- and figure out healthy ways of passing on the message.

And yes. working in with others, as a group seemed about the best way. smile ...

Lovely sunny morning here in the deep south. Spring is on the way- at last! aww .


Participation is the key to harmony.

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