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Post Info TOPIC: Tradition 10 Al Anon

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Tradition 10 Al Anon

Tradition 10 - The Al Anon Family Groups have no opinion on outside issues, hence our name out never be drawn into public controversy

This tradition continually reminds me to focus on me and my recovery. This tradition reminds me to stay in my own lane. It is so easy to think I know what's best for others, but in reality it's that stinking thinking that brought me to Al Anon. 

Where I used to argue, today I simply say "thank you for sharing that with me" Where I used to try to force my beliefs on others, I now say "great point"

My happiness and serenity are so important to me and can only be achieved if i remember to keep the focus on me.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on tradition 10.

in gratitude,



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  You're welcome Audrey. smile ...

This is a big topic for me.

Our groups have no opinions outside topics. But I believe that we, as individuals can have them.

I believe that our thoughts and opinions are just as important as our emotions.

Being listened to- being heard is really healing for me.

It has only been in recent years that I have found that i have a voice of my own.

There was a time in my life that i was always fairly outspoken and provocative. And then mute afterwards.

This was my anger, most certainly- at the world in general. and the way my life has turned out.

I used to be angry and impatient with Alanon too- not going far and fast enough.

My mum used to say- "there's method in their madness". 

There have always been some healthy elements to my thinking. But often they were tucked away somewhere.

Sometimes I -correct- and move from Tradition 10 to Step 10.

My issues used too drag on endlessly in my middle years- but a lot of them are dealt with now.

So these days i do not have to guard my tongue. Not nearly so much.

This Steps forum going really well. I was able to go through the steps and traditions here- in Alanon and in ACA- after I joined the MIP family.

So I learned to tweak my recovery... and in an atmosphere were we have a number of seasoned members for support.

I think the things I have learned most- is to be in the present. To be able to deal with present and actual issues, as they arise! smile ...

But the great thing is working closely with other members. Sharing the service load- so really is is not a chore- it is pleasant and friendly.

The chats we have here serve to create and build a group conscience.

Something visitors will sense, and will serve to help people to feel at home.

So I can count my thoughts and opinions here as assets- so long as they are Alanon related.

aww Thanks Audrey, and y'all... aww ...



Participation is the key to harmony.

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  aww Beside that Audrey- I do this- and encourage members to talk about pets, thoughts, sports, interests... around what i would call "coffee time". When this is appropriate and suitable... this happens a lot on our messages board... and a good way of getting to know people we cannot hear or see... aww ...


Participation is the key to harmony.

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Thank you so much for this amazing share. So grateful to read your words this morning. They made me think of a saying "this program is a gradual program not a graduate program" When I wish to graduate and move on I must remember there are many more onions to peel.

In gratitude for service,


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