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Post Info TOPIC: Tradition 1 Al Anon

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Tradition 1 Al Anon

Tradition 1 - Our common welfare should come first; personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity.

I absolutely love this tradition. I apply this to both my personal life and my professional life. Before Al Anon there was only one way and that was my way. I would fight and argue and manipulate to get my way. Then I'd be angry when others weren't happy with my way. 

Today, I'm able to listen, to consider other options, to seek compromise and to take part in a vote when necessary. Today, I attend business meetings of my home groups. I have 3 home groups, one on zoom, one that's local and one online. I share my voice and opinions at business meetings and then listen to others perspectives. I raise my hand and vote and then accept the outcome knowing that all voices were heard.

At work, I also listen more than I talk today. When new ideas are presented, I join in with my ideas of how to best execute these ideas. I'm 100% on board with whatever the final decision is. I remember the first meeting I attended after learning this tradition. I went into that meeting knowing I would listen, knowing I would not argue, and knowing I would support everyone else in that room. I was told a few times that day how wonderful it was to have me in that meeting. Wow, that was a first!!!

And finally, in my home life, I listen to others. I work at part of a team and I am willing to vote on what is the best solution when we are all together.

Do you have any ESH on tradition one?

In gratitude





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aww Good topic, Audrey.

On my journey I recall a meeting to change our group venue. The reason was that some members wanted to smoke in the meeting- and the venue we had would not allow this. The majority won and we shifted camp.

Pretty sure this would dnot happen today!

I have to be very careful- because my own family politics left me angry and emotionally bruised.

Sometimes I get into a situation where I have to let go and let god- and start looking carefully at the steps.

Other times things go okay- work smoothly- maybe the lessons of experience. aww 

In a group like this- I like to practise Alanon principles. Also sometimes reach out and take calculated risks-

because this is the space where I will learn.

I do think that there is some difference between a business issue and a conscience issue.

I see a difference between a vote... and a majority decision... ... and a consensus decision- where agreement is reached "by discussion, vote and when-ever possible by unanimity."

The above comes from the General Warranties of Conference.

To this end- personally I try to engage with members- week by week- so we do get to know each others hearts, really.

Where there is sympathy and empathy expressed and appreciated all round.

In F2F often a glance or a smile- will show me what direction we are going with our group conscience.

Here? here is actually seems to be easier... [...caint explain why, at the moment.]

In this group we have a great depth of experience to draw upon. Maybe not so available in a home town group.

Thanks for your service here, Audrey... aww ...


Participation is the key to harmony.

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Thank you so much for your shares on both step one and tradition one.

It's been an interesting month for me, step one has proven to be my friend over and over this month as I experienced one of my worst emotional slips ever.

Truly appreciate your engagement in my posts.

See you you soon for step 2 and tradition 2.

In gratitude


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